Whether you have a well-established database or a relatively new one, it is essential that you proactively take measures to keep it well maintained. A well-maintained database will not only help with delivering your campaign but, will also help towards the success rate.

To maximise your profit, you want to reduce wasted expenditure from sending mail to the wrong audience. To do this, we highly recommend that you follow the following steps…

Maintain and update your database

Although it may seem easy to obtain data, it is important to remember that not all of the data captured is accurate or true.

If you have encouraged your audience to fill in forms or have asked them for their information, be sure to check that the information they have provided is correct. If it is not, contact them and update your database so that it is accurate.

Inaccurate and outdated information will mean that any campaign collateral sent out using this data will simply be wasted.

Cleanse your database regularly

It is important to thoroughly cleanse your database regularly. Not only does this remove any anomalies such as duplicates but, it also helps to remove any ‘fake’ data that has been submitted.

Cleansing will also help remove any data of those who are now deceased. This reduces any distress caused to relatives who find it upsetting to receive mail in the deceased individual’s name.

Here at Alpha Response, when you run a campaign through us – we will offer our expert database cleansing service. Which will most certainly help save you the hassle and time.

Correctly input data into your database

Although data can be captured digitally, there may be times when you find yourself or a member of staff having to manually input any data you have collected from individuals.

Unfortunately, human errors are only natural. Too often, data is manually uploaded incorrectly to databases. Whether it is incorrect spellings, missing numbers or non-existent addresses, these errors will cause issues.

To help get the best results from your campaigns, ensure that all data is correctly obtained, uploaded with precision and well maintained.

Segment your data into audience-specific categories

Having a database full of your audience’s details is excellent for accurately targeting specific campaigns to the right audience.

Segmenting your audience into specific demographic groups such as age, gender, location and more, will allow you to send specific campaigns to those who are most likely to engage with them. This is usually because it is something of interest or is relevant to the individual.

Segmentation helps reduce wasted expenditure on sending campaign material to those for who it is unsuitable or irrelevant.


We at Alpha Response understand the importance of having your database well-maintained and regularly cleansed to make the most out of your campaigns. That is why we offer our expert knowledge to help get your database in the best shape when you come to us.

To find out more about our mailing service or the other services that we provide, please feel free to browse our website or contact us directly. Our friendly team is on hand to help!