With a storage capacity exceeding 15,000 sq ft, the warehouse is configured to handle, store and dispatch all forms of palletised and non-palletised goods. We serve a whole range of clients, from small independent traders with their own stock and websites, to much larger companies who send products out on a daily basis (magazines, brochures…etc).

We store thousands of items in our warehouse, which we moved to in 2020 just after the pandemic. This means we are able to have a mezzanine and racking on two floors throughout the facility.

The warehouse is ideally located near all major road and transport networks, benefiting from an onsite National and International haulage company, the dispatch of shipments could not be easier. Our service provides for both palletised goods and small pick, pack bespoke deliveries requiring specialist handling. With 14 year’s logistical experience in freight handling, forwarding and delivery, we have the knowledge to move goods to any destination within the UK or globally, whilst keeping costs effective and efficient.

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