ISO 27001 is considered to be the most well-renowned standard for information security management in the world! ISO 27001 is a set of 18 Control Objectives and Controls designed to properly secure the sensitive information assets of a company. ISO 27001 is not compulsory but companies that do implement this standard have shown that they have a commitment to high levels of cybersecurity. Any business that wants to implement ISO 27001 should first demonstrate that they have facilitated the management of security deemed as ‘sensitive assets,’ which could be anything from staff information to financial data or intellectual property files.

Getting ISO 27001 certified

In order to be certified under ISO 27001, a business must follow a number of the following important procedures:

  • Estimating the impact and probability of each of these possible cybersecurity risk events through risk mapping, e.g. through designing a Risk Treatment Plan based on the previous mapping, writing a Statement of Applicability, or converting the Risk Treatment Plan into an actionable plan.
  • Carrying out internal audits on any information security risks to ensure a greater level of data protection
  • Define the scope of its information security management systems

What are the benefits from being ISO 27001 certified?

An effective cybersecurity system is absolutely crucial to us here at Alpha Response and we have been certified since 2018. ISO 27001 ensures that we have effective data protection and protects us from any financial loss due to data theft. Not only does ISO 27001 provide an effective framework for preventing any further information security risk, it also provides adaptable protocols to make IT security investments as profitable as possible. Certification also comes with other benefits that include:

  • Reassurance of clients can also help to reduce the number of externally made audits that they need to be conducting, while we can benefit from frequent internal audits of our information security management systems. All of which can guarantee the development of our information security controls.
  • Reassuring stakeholders and clients by helping you stand out among your competitors and enhancing brand image.

Implementing cybersecurity strategies

There has been a significant increase in cyberattacks on businesses that have targeted sensitive data, and companies are becoming increasingly affected by different cyberattacks that target confidential data. Such attacks can be implemented through phishing scams, spam e-mails, or even spyware. All businesses should ideally be interested in data protection, since it’s such a fundamentally important asset to any business operating in the modern era.

In the UK alone, 65% of small and medium-sized organisations suffered a cyber attack between 2019-20. Larger corporations such as FTSE 100 businesses are not the only victims here.  The amount that hackers can demand in an exchange for data that has been stolen can also massively weaken the budget arrangements of a smaller business. Since bigger firms will tend to be better equipped to deal with cybercrimes, they can often recover faster than small and medium-sized businesses.

Given all this, it’s fair to say that ISO 27001 is absolutely pivotal for the safe operation of our business. The ISO 27001 standard’s very purpose is to manage all of these risks.

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