Haulage Services

Whether your requirement is for shipping bulk stock in single or variable amounts of SKU’s to customers, distribution centers or dispatch companies such as QVC or Amazon;  these days a reliable bulk haulage service is essential to ensure your goods are delivered on time and in accordance with ever more demanding delivery specifications.

With variable carriage options available to you, ranging from a direct delivery service (same day, 24 hour or 2-3 day economy) to networked and consolidated distribution (via Palletways, PallEx and Palletline), both incorporating time specific delivery; we have the logistical knowledge to cost effectively deliver your goods to your customers.

Each delivery destination will have its own specific demands as to how goods are to be packed, palletised and receipted. With ever increasing use by receiving companies of the VCB (non delivery compliance Vendor Charge Back) getting the delivery right the first time has never been more challenging and necessary.

Due to the continued requirement for our bulk handling services by our clients into customers such as Boots, John Lewis, Asos, QVC, Amazon, Holland & Barrett and Superdrug, our understanding of receiver’s delivery requirements is exceptionally comprehensive.


In the field of inventory management, a SKU or ‘stock keeping unit’ is a single distinct item.

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